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The goodbyes were very tear filled at the Avignon train station.
The group successfully boarded the TGV with all luggage in the 3 minutes allotted. The two and half hour direct train ride through the French countryside provided students with an opportunity to relax and reflect on the exchange experience so far.
On the way to the Louvre, we stopped at the famous Pont des Arts for photos. This footbridge is covered in engraved locks from all over the world.
In the Louvre, students saw the Venus de Milo, Winged Victory and bien sur, the Mona Lisa. 5127D4740F88402EB6533B2D4E796A2A.jpg90_5129A262E1224A339E98380E26D1E054.jpg180_512B0889E1D7D1A763B1456ACDB37C70.jpg512C53CF0E03D2D511FCBA5D6E947F81.jpg512DE9DDE370BF168220FF012AC8A586.jpg
Off to dinner by metro... Students ate a spring salad, followed by chicken with potatoes and a fresh fruit salad for dessert.
After dinner we walked saw l'Arc de Triomphe and strolled down les Champs-Élysées to our Bateau Mouche boat tour on Le Seine.
Some students couldn't resist an authentic kebab before returning to the hotel to sleep.
Over 22,000 steps today!
I think everyone will sleep well.
Bonne Nuit Paris

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The French partners have been given the link to this blog, so that they can follow the trip to Paris almost in real time. They miss you, yet hope you are really enjoying the rest of your stay in France!

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